New Day Bright

Our land possessed of boundless horizons
Yet numbingly bound by senseless prisons
Of denizens divided through tribe and tongue
Stunting the growth of a nation young

Thus mutual adversity fatuously freed
Unleashed by naiveté and groundless greed
Swirls around us like a furious storm
And harbours many a hideous form

The edges of time have started to fray
As the years chime but always we’ll pray
For present storms to die this night
Bearing tomorrow a new day bright

Yesterday our State was sorry
And we spent the night weak with worry
Dawn has come and our millions wake
All wondering what course this day will take

Well a true nation is born if the tribes die
As unity in diversity is a proven lie
That has left us mired in a viscous bog
Our vision blurred by the ensuing fog

So judge not by breed or creed
Look instead to each action and deed
For therein may lie the guiding light
To lead us to that new day bright

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