Third World Blues

Gaunt ideologies fester
Along these paths a-skelter
Left, right, left, right, left
Far right, far left, left, right, left

Retroversion and retrogression
Degradation and deprivation
Still, it in their strides they took
On these lonely paths to brook

Of languid will and blistered feet
Of shimmering crimson, a carrion feast
That blood-thirsty predators will savage
On misery’s road that ravage will hedge

Doth tolls the bell
For another dream, a death knell
Drowned in a gluttonous brine
And murdered in its prime

Hope shattered hope
Their ringing laughter a joke
By whims and caprice pelted and melted
So that destiny is forever demented

Turning prodigal do they flee
To taunt the forlorn now with glee
From distances there and yonder
Like the waves of vast seas asunder

And the wearied force but a smile
Walking yet another mile
In pain bound sorrowfully manacled
Powerlessness, a land completely shackled.

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